Dance of the Evil Bug Faeries

A few years ago I stumbled upon a small exhibition at Imperial College, London. I was fascinated. It comprised of small, seemingly real but dead insects used to create a ‘scene’. It seemed genius to me. I picked up a postcard from the exhibition and forgot about it. Then a couple months ago I was at a bbq, chatting with a lovely artist who described her work as a running narrative of  faerie  insects (I am paraphrasing a poor memory not helped by having had several glasses of cheap rioja) and I immediately remembered having seen her work.

Tessa Farmer creates alternate and dark faerie worlds and has done a residency at the Natural History Museum (which explains the Imperial College exhibition) and shown her work at the Saatchi Gallery and the Ashmolean. A real mix of surrealism and the scientific, fantasy and etymology.

For the 2008 Tatton Park Biennial Farmer collaborated with Sean Daniels to create the stop motion animated film Nest of Skeletons.

Recently she has collaborated with electronica musician and sound designer Amon Tobin on ISAM: Control Over Nature (Ninja Tune).


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