I am not quite sure what it is that so many of us find alluring about derelict buildings. Days gone by, I suppose. Think of the energy and resources taken to build these things, the people that passed through them over the years and then, usually for financial reasons, they are just left empty and decaying in the end before being bulldozed. I recently watch a local council building get pulled down. Just a 3 story, circa 1980 build. It could have been refurbished. It took a month and god knows how much money to raze it.

Years ago I nearly bought an old falling down Victorian school house and stables in the middle of nowhere on the North York Moors (bid was rejected!). I was desperate to live there.  That place had been stripped bare of anything antique or vintage apart from the tumbling stone walls. There is a certain element if the buildings are older and build in a more ‘majestic’ style, I just want to run and grab all the fittings and floorboards..even the boilers look great. Not sure what I would do with a 150 year old boiler though. Might not fit in the flat. Water feature in the garden? So what happens to all of that stuff? Must go to architectural salvagers mostly. mmmmmmmm salvage.

Here are some highlights from Derelict Places:

Check out Urbex :

And last but certainly not least you must must have a look at the work of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre on the Ruins of Detroit and Theatres. Amazing.


One thought on “Dereliction

  1. i guess abandoned or derelict or empty is something we all experience and can relate to, we all have pasts, we all see the times change and the memories places leave behind, things we remember, things we wish were still around, things we want for the future. abandoned encapsulated what’s left behind like a painting, like a museum, they’re like statues to the memory of the past

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