Gaslamp wall mural lotus

Wonderful Whirling Walls

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I was looking for hat shops on the West Coast of North America (ask me why later!) and stumbled upon this post from Goorin Bros. Hats. I thought the design work for the new shop was so inspiring. Honestly there are very few applications of mural design that work but I think this shop will be beautiful.

Gaslamp mural 1Gaslamp wall detailGaslamp wall mural lotus

Here is an interesting short called Up There by Malcolm Murray about advertising mural painters in New York. Several steps away from what we think it might be. Reminds me of a time when things moved at a much slower pace.

via Rifle Paper Co.


One thought on “Wonderful Whirling Walls

  1. This video was very interesting from a whole lot of perspectives. A way of life completely Zen. Very impressive work they did and a very well done video capturing the essence of their experience. Truly COOL.

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